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Added football.db Quick Starter Datafile Templates - $ sportdb new worldcup

The sportdb command line tool now includes a new quick starter template command to (auto-)download Datafile scripts from the new openfootball/datafile registry.

For example, to build yourself a copy of the worldcup2014.db type:

$ sportdb new worldcup2014 

The new command will run these steps:

  • Step 1: Download worldcup2014.rb Datafile (from GitHub) to your working folder as ./Datafile
  • Step 2: Run the sportdb build command
    • Step 2.a: Download all datasets listed in the Datafile as zip archives (from GitHub) to ./tmp
    • Step 2.b: Create the “empty” database, that is, table structure, indexes, etc. (schema)
    • Step 2.c: Read in all datasets from the zip archives in ./tmp (no need to unpack)

That’s it. All done and setup with a single command. Still early and rough.

PS: The first quick starter Datafile templates include:

  • worldcup => All World Cups 1930-2014
  • en => English Premier Leagues
  • en2014-15 => English Premier League 2014/15
  • cl2014-15 => (European) Champions League 2014/15